26 January – I saw in your face what you are hiding

Duets can be an odd thing. Get it right, and you can feel the chemistry oozing from the two singers. Get it wrong, and all you get is two singers facing each other shouting as loudly as they can.

A mere 46 years ago, we were in sunny Brighton and about to witness the birth of some sensation from Sweden. However, sixteen other countries were taking part, all wanting to win. Today’s birthday girl Cindy (née Jutta Gusenberger) palled up with her husband Bert and represented Germany. They were up against a strong field, plus a couple of whimsical novelties. So with so many acts and so few points, someone had to finish equal last, and that honour fell partly to Cindy & Bert. Any other year maybe…

Cindy is 72 today.

Frohe Geburtstag, Cindy!