27 September – On Friday you’re dancing with Ben

We should never forget our history. Back in the mists of time, the contest was in sunny Lugano. The venue isn’t there anymore, but there’s bound to be some memorial for the inaugural edition of what turned into our favourite TV show.

As far as we know, there is no full recording of the contest from 1956. So even though we only have the audio to go on, we can still celebrate a big day for today’s birthday boy Freddy Quinn (né Franz Eugen Helmut Manfred Nidl). He was actually Austrian by birth, but German broadcaster asked him to take part in their national final and he got one of the two golden tickets. There are rumours that this song came ninth, but of course we’ll probably never know for sure.

Freddy is 90 today.

Frohe Geburtstag, Freddy!