29 June – This song is for you, it’s not very much

Duos come in strange pairings sometimes. We’ve had the lovers, the siblings, the twins, and the people put together as a result of a TV talent show. But then there is another type of duo.

This is the parent and child. A rare duo you’ll agree, but today’s birthday girl Maxi Garden (née Meike Gärtner) was the daughter half of the partnership for Germany in 1988. Maxi and her mum Chris were multi-talented, being able to play pianos and sing at the same time. Quite a skill in these days of backing tracks and mimed instrument playing. That said, whilst we could hear the pianos, Chris’s microphone seemed a little damaged. But at least we still heard young Maxi.

Maxi is 50 today.

Frohe Geburtstag, Maxi!