3 December – What did we both do wrong?

The home entry. A good thing or a bad thing? Well, you’re guaranteed a warm welcome as you get your three minutes on stage. But it means that two weeks in somewhere exotic or interesting might not quite come to pass.

So if you were German, you’d probably like something on the Mediterranean perhaps. So when today’s birthday boy Michael Hoffmann got the gig in Munich, he knew he’d have to impress his compatriots and forego the sun. Michael performed with his late brother Günther (who sadly died in 1984). Michael (in the tie) and Günther did OK for their country, finishing fifth, although it was their worst finish since 1978. As a modern Big Five nation, I’m pretty sure Germany would do anything for another top five finish these days.

Michael is 69 today.

Frohe Geburtstag, Michael!