7 January – Everyone is waiting for a miracle

Did I hear you ask for a duet? Did I? Did I? well, you’re getting one anyway. One from a famous year which featured songs with a very common theme. Yep, the year of note was 1990.

Our friends in Germany sent today’s birthday girl Christiane ‘Chris’ Kempers, along with her Yugoslav pal Daniel Kovač. It was an inspired choice with a contest in Zagreb. On the downside, due to walls tumbling down in Europe, a few other countries sang songs about walls crumbling before your very eyes. In the scheme of things, their ninth place was a good result. It did best out the three songs in German and got a 12 and a 10. Maybe the song performed after them overshadowed this earnest little song, but it was pleasantly free of histrionics.

Chris is 58 today.

Frohe Geburtstag, Chris!

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