9 March – A long forgotten dream comes back to life

It’s trier time again. And what a trier we have today. There have been others, but no-one else has performed in three contests, and finished either second or third every time.

That’s quite a claim to make, and who’s to say it can’t happen any more. Sadly, our friend Val from San Marino will never achieve this. But it was done by today’s birthday girl Katja Ebstein (née Karin Witkiewicz) in 1970, 1971 and 1980. It’s an achievement enough to sing for your country two years running. Finishing third both times might b seen as unlucky but who wouldn’t want to finish third in our favourite TV show. The finishing second to Johnny Logan is also nothing to be sneezed at. Maybe she needs to come back again and she might get that elusive win. Here’s the song that gave her her best result.

Katja is 74 today.

Frohe Geburtstag, Katja!