Did NDR fake everyone out?

Jendrik Sigwart

Well, if you’ve paid attention to Eurovision media for the last few hours it seems that NDR’s Eurovision twitter account either made a massive mistake or wrong-footed the whole of the Eurovision community.

NDR clearly had a pre-prepared “draft” and posted it a day early. Either that or they decided to release a fake news story to divert people from the real thing – I think it’s the latter and that, frankly, is hilarious!

The real news from Germany (which then caused a German Twitter meltdown of epic proportions from everything I’ve seen) is that 26-year-old Jendrik Sigwart from Hamburg will represent Germany in Rotterdam.

Seemingly no one knows anything about him so NDR have provided this short into video.

If, like me, you’re thinking that he seems like he is trying just a touch too hard to be “kooky”, you could well be right!

The song, we are told, will be announced on the 25th February.

Image Credits: NDR.