German deadwood

Jamie-Lee at a press conference during the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.

Germany is up first. We met her last night in the EuroClub. Well, we think it was her, people were having their photos taken. Who knows, we might just have been snapped with a bemused woman in the crowd wondering what we were wishing her luck with.

Unsurprisingly this is almost identical to the national final performance, down to the Decora kei costume (her headwear being described by James of Eurovision Ireland as less of a fascinator and more of a horrifier) and the leafless, lifeless trees. It’s a brave move putting dead wood on stage with you, it’s just inviting a comparison, and it feel like this is dead wood in song. Everyone, and I mean everyone, I’ve spoken to sees this as bottom 5, probably worst of the Big 5 and possibly bottom bottom. There’s just not really enough to the song to make you want to back it. At least they can’t do worse then they did last year, as there’s only 26 places to fill…

Monty x