Germany – Keep it together


A long day in the Eurovision house ended with Germany and the unrelated S!sters.

Some elements of the German national final stayed – though it misses that turntable. The S!sters start out on the sides of the stage and walk towards each other with their faces projected on the backdrop. Otherwise, the staging lacked movement and the performance came across as flat.

The Germans weren’t helped by some of the worst camera work today, meaning there’s a lot to change before Sunday’s second run-through.

The background pictures changed towards the end to show empowering images of ‘sisters’ (although it now turns out they’re stock photos of lesbian couples) and we ended on a peace sign.

As Mr Phil said in his review, nailed-on last.

They start sat on opposite sides of the stage, one a bit rocky, one a bit normal, then walk towards each other before singing into each other’s faces. Oh, and some pictures of ‘sisters’ appear on the screen. And that’s it! Doomed!EUROVISION APOCALYPSE