Germany – Very underwhelming


Well the abiding feeling of this song is one of being totally underwhelmed. Thankfully, they seem not to have brought the spinning platform, but the camerawork seems to need lots of improvements in order for this to climb out of the basement.

The song is very flat, the performance needed to lift it and it doesn’t because they don’t do anything other than walk to each other from across the stage and connect only with themselves and not with the audience.  There are some words on the background of the stage but when one of them is SORRY and one of them is RESPECT, you are not transported anywhere other than to sleep.

It really is a pathetic excuse for a song and staging and feels devoid of any ideas other than just turning up.  Where is the connection?  Where is the engagement?  If you have lost the audience in the first ten seconds you have nothing.

Currently nailed on last.