14 March – It is burnt by napalm

Midweek. That time when last weekend is now a memory, and you may have made plans for the coming weekend. Drinking, dancing, or singing about a greater power.

Confused? Well today’s birthday girl Μαρίζα Κωχ/Maríza Koch did one of those things when she was on a Eurovision stage in 1976. A very pleasant little ethnic number that would have been just the ticket for a high placing in the 21st Century. In the 1970s people associated Greece with feta, olive oil and smashing plates. But probably not quality songs about “My lady”. She came 13th out of 18. A certain S*k*s R*u*a* sends far worse stuff and averages 5th place. Where’s the justice?

Mariza is 74 today.

Χρόνια πολλά, Μαρίζα!

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