17 April – Because the shadows in the first light seem to be childish phobia

As I’ve said before, there were Eurovision Song Contests before the year 2000. Can you imagine that? A 20th Century contest? Well, some of them even churned out good songs. Can you believe it?

Well today’s song comes from the 1980s. A distant decade now, when Greece had a love/hate relationship with our favourite TV show. They were in, they were out, they were, well, you know the rest. In 1989, The Hellenes sent today’s birthday girl Μαριάννα Ευστρατίου/Maria-Anastasia ‘Marianna’ Efstratiou with her flute and whimsical song. Her country hadn’t had a good time of it for several years, so her top 10 finish was well received. Naturally, in true tradition, she did less well on her second appearance as a main singer in 1996.

Marianna is 64 today.

Χρόνια πολλά, Μαριάννα!