17 June – I told her rise up, come along and rise up

Have you noticed an increase in collaborations? No? Well, maybe not necessarily in Eurovision circles, but definitely in the wider world of music.

But what happens in music eventually permeates to Eurovision. And in 2014 Greece entered a collaboration between Freaky Fortune and today’s birthday boy Shane ‘RiskyKidd’ Schuller. Born in the UK of stuff to German and Jamaican parents, he moved to Greece at an early age. That makes him Greek, right? Well, if rap is your thing, then RiskyKidd – or Risky-Late-Twenty-Something as we should probably call him now – will be for you. Performing immediately before the winner might not have benefited them very much, but if anything the world needs more trampolines.

RiskyKidd is 28 today.

Χρόνια πολλά, RiskyKidd!