3 April – The password, the password, the password, the password

Things got a little odd at the turn of the century. We were trapped in Nordic/Baltic Europe after time in the eastern Med. Countries were taking it in turns to be relegated. And we had some interesting acts.

When we were in beautiful beautiful Tallinn, our friends in Greece went all futuristic on us. So futuristic in fact that the song was way ahead of its time. And way ahead of where we are now. Maybe by the turn of the next century we’ll have found its level. It came from today’s birthday boy Μιχάλης Ρακιντζής/Michalis Rakintzis, along with some of his pals. Not content with say “the magic word”, they even spelt it for us non-Greek types. Genius? Well, perhaps. But 22nd Century clothing in a modern fairytale must be seen to be believed.

Michalis is 64 today.

Χρόνια πολλά, Μιχαήλ!