6 November – Go deep with me

Our friends in Greece are vociferous Eurovision fans. It’s true they had a really purple patch some time ago, when they could do absolutely no wrong. Those top 10 places started in 2001, and generally continued about a dozen years.

These days, That Hellenic touch seems to be a bit more patchy. But they do try, and send some respected stars to try and claim that second win. In 2019, we saw today’s birthday girl Κατερίνα Ντούσκα/Katerine Duska, with a song that was very progressive in nature. The staging was very lavish, and along with Katerine it also had a British co-writer. So lots of things going off. As we know, you only have three minutes to make an impression, and this worked to a degree as she comfortably made it out of the semi-final. In the Grand Final, she performed after the country that won. so this was always going to count against her. Nevertheless, the juries liked her song marginally better, and almost two-thirds of her points came from one country. Maybe proof there are British co-writers out there who can help write a tune.

Katerine is 32 today.

Χρόνια πολλά, Κατερίνα!