9 April – Come in our dream to make us laugh

Have you ever met your hero? That one person who made you think a particular way, or aspire to a certain lifestyle. Were you disappointed when you met them, or did you admire them all the more?

Today’s birthday girl Τάνια Τσανακλίδο/Tania Tsanaklidou sang about someone who as presumably one of her heroes. It’s never been reported whether she met Mr Chaplin, and she took part in the contest a year after he died. She managed to finish eighth in what was the biggest ever contest at its time. Maybe these days people would sing songs about other pioneers of stage and screen. So, Ralph, how soon could you write a song about Sean Connery, Chadwick Boseman or Honor Blackman?

Tania is 69 today.

Χρόνια πολλά, Τάνια!