For God’s Sak-is…..

Sakis Rouvas
Sakis Rouvas gave an impressive performance in Moscow.

It appears his contraption now works – still no greek flag on it (edit – it has now)- but it opens up and he stands on it at the top and, depending on your point of view, it either looks like a giant stapler, hair tonges or a large teeth whitening machine!!

Overall, however, there is just too much going on with this – visually far too much dancing and that will clearly detract from the song, which is better than 2004. He also still cant sing and is straining for the top notes and, as has been said before, he may look good – but he can not last the 3 minutes out without having very large lung fulls of breath.

If I was ERT I would seriously consider if this was the way I wanted to go – but I am not ERT and they will be happy enough with this performance as will his hoards of fans and his voters around Europe.

Personally, I still want to slap him and hopes this will fall flat…. but I suspect it won’t.