Greece – Hello, this is the Mid 90’s. They want their ethno stuff back.


This song – to me – is a return to a time when Europe decided that sounding ethnic at Eurovision was a thing, and everyone tried to play to it to some degree.

I’ve only just noticed that she actually has one blue hand – and for reasons that are actually beyond me she keeps looking at it through the three minutes. Maybe she’s got a problem with her circulation, and that’s what the song is about … because I’m buggered if I know what it all means.

Yianna is also wearing a wedding dress on stage, which flows nicely, but I feel it distracts from the song. She also seems to have a cut in the midriff, which is worrying. The overall impression for me is that this song is trying to recapture past glories … but, then again, when your broadcaster has gone ethnic deliberately, this is what you get.

It’s not a car crash by any means. It’s just old-fashioned.

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