Greece – ol’ blue hands

Yianna Terzi ‏

Yianna from Greece is a vision in a white flowing gown, with drop sleeves from the elbows to the floor. One of her palms is blue. (I won’t tell you what one of our table said might have caused it, but it involved manual handling of a Smurf.) It’s an accident waiting to happen with such a pristine frock.

She’s alone on the stage, backing singers off, and vocally she carries this very well. There’s a lot of drama here, a bit of posturing and what we’re now calling ‘waftography’ with some frantic flailing of arms and swishing of fabrics. Yianna pulls a sequence of poses in the instrumental break. There’s a cross-beam effect with the spotlight, just like the one above the Crystal Hall in Baku.

I like this song, and the simplicity of the production, but I have to acknowledge that it’s not really going anywhere. My friend Costas described this as a poor man’s Pia Prosefhi, and he’s kinda right. She’s lucky she has Cyprus for 24 in-the-bag points. The last time Greece went ethnic was their first year of non-qualification. This could make it, but it’s hanging in that 8th – 14th zone where any of a number could slip in or out of the top 10.

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