Greek drama

Yianna Terzi and her big blue hand

Yianni brings us ‘Oniro Mou’, looking classy in a pure white floor-length gown with trailing sleeves, which she makes a feature of during the song. There’s lots of flailing arms and dramatic poses to camera where I was left thinking something was about to happen. It didn’t. Are there going to be overlays in later run throughs or is she simply trying to build drama and suspense? 

UPDATE! Ooh we have  pulsating golden stage lights added in the third run-through, but suddenly the feed is lost and we are transported to the Macedonian press conference! Help! What’s occurring? So if there is a staging surprise coming from the Greeks in their last run-through we can’t tell you. 

Soft blue lighting is the backdrop to this and she has one hand painted blue which is a little weird, but I suppose it’s reminiscent of the Greek flag. This sounds great with a pounding beat and Yianni has a strong vocal, except for the more wailing notes towards the end as she kneels, she was verging on being flat, if I’m honest. I am impressed with this although have to admit the staging is a little simple. 

In other news, I’ve just broken the back off one of the plastic chairs here in the press centre which just happen to be blue. What’s coincidence in Greek? Or probably I’ve had one too many Portuguese pastries …

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