Montenegro, with Greek distraction

I’ve just been having a strum on a Greek man’s instrument. It was very jolly. He’s the one who plays it in the opening to their song. He himself is a beardy vision of loveliness and I was entranced as he twanged his G-string for me to demonstrate his talents.

As I was doing that we had Montenegro. Forgive me my distraction, I didn’t pay this much regard beyond the first go which was a mess. I think they were mainly sorting out the camera cues in the fast-paced switch-ups, as it seemed better in the later tries, but it’s not really adding anything to this, and it won’t win any new fans over. There’s a woman front stage who doesn’t seem to be doing that much at the moment, but maybe the camera’s just catching her at the wrong times still. Lots of guitars and lights crashing and beaming all over the place in a cacophony of sound. I’m thinking that even with a Balkan-wide fan base this won’t get over the finishing line within the necessary placings.

Monty x