9 October – So step inside

There’s often a dilemma, as a result of the free language rule. Do you aim for the wider audience by picking a more common language, or do you stay true to your roots?

The way taken by those torn between these two ways is to mix things up. Do some bits in your own language and some in, say, English. Today’s birthday girl Csézy (née Erzsébet Csézi) did this trick, but it wasn’t that successful for her. Anyway, Csézy and her pals had a set resplendent with candles upon candles. It was just to emphasise what the song was about, just in case you didn’t speak English or Magyar. Her reward was to get points from Denmark, Georgia and hosts Serbia, and, erm, no-one else. A little harsh maybe, but at least we got a bit of Magyar.

Csézy is 41 today.

Boldog születésnapot, Csézy!