Hungary – Oh this is going through!!

Zoli Ádok
Zoli did the only costume change at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Photo: Indrek Galetin (EBU)

Phil: In my opinion anyway. MTV may well have been very shrewd here in allowing their third choice song through to this bit of the contest. There is much dancing in this one and Zoli Ádok appeals to all types of viewers of this contest. – He looks straight down the camera and sings the song but, and it is a big but, his dance moves look too easy – almost as though he is saying “yeah, yeah – I can do this in my sleep”. His vocals are not the strongest in the world but then again, i guess it can be said that the song has been written with this in mind… He still talks the words more than sings them – but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

There might be some wardrobe-ing things going on when this gets to a 2nd rehearsal later in the week but as it stands at the moment – even without that – it is sailing through at the moment but be warned, it looks bad on stage, but great on TV so there might not be that much of a reaction.

Franko: Well you would have to be to vote for this. Phil thinks it’s a certain qualifier, but there was obviously more in his tortellini last night than ricotta. They start off on the floor writhing with each other before getting up and doing a predictable dance routine (well they would it being called “Dance With Me”). It’s very 80’s Eurovision and completely lost in the weirdness that’s going to be going on all around it. The main problem with it is that no one is going remember it precisely 5 seconds after it starts. It’s competent but drab. He looks like he should really be presenting T4 on Sunday and took a wrong turning on the way and ended up in the wrong studio. He hasn’t got a hair out of place though. Just thought I’d say something nice about it 🙂