11 November – I’m tossing and I’m turning

Many acts try and try again to win the grand prize in our favourite TV show. Some go it alone from their first appearance. Others like to start modestly, and build their way up.

In 2012, old hand Jónsi represented Iceland with his pal, today’s birthday girl Greta Salóme Stefánsdóttir partnering him. They got to the big show, and it must have given Greta Salóme the bug, because she had another go in 2016. Previous winners have often come unstuck in subsequent contests, and sadly the same thing happened to Greta Salóme. It was a tough semi-final for her, and whilst she didn’t finish last, her imaginative stage act didn’t quite strike a chord with the televoters or jurors. No matter, unlike other performers who are now probably working in S*a*b*c*s, she can play an instrument and will never be short of work.

Greta Salóme is 37 today.

Til hamingju með daginn, Greta Salóme!