13 June – Don’t work on a Sunday

It can be a curse having a second crack at Eurovision glory. If you do well first time round, you risk ruining that reputation when you make that second appearance.

Today’s birthday girl Selma Björnsdóttir most famously made the long, long trip from Iceland to Israel and finished second behind that country who might be hosting in 2024. Many would be happy with that runners-up spot as possibly the highlight of their entertainment CV. Fast forward to 2005, when we all made another long trip out west to beautiful Kyiv, and Selma was selected internally. That’s when the jeopardy comes. Could she win, like other runners-up have done before and since, or was the ignominy of staying in a semi-final to be her fate? You probably know what happened. Selma is one of the few that is still remembered for her almost-win. After all, it is a cracker of a tune.

Selma is 49 today.

Til hamingju með afmælið, Selma!