4 July – A passion killed by acid rain

Today we’ve got one of those performers who keeps coming back. Once isn’t enough. Neither is twice. So maybe third time lucky is the way to go.

Today’s birthday boy Eiríkur Hauksson has tries three times to win the big prize. Sadly, he’s not quite succeeded. His first attempt was blazing a trail for his native Iceland. Eiríkur and his chums Pálmi and Helga sang the first song. It came 16th. Then he was co-opted for Norway in 1991 with newer chums Marianne, Jan and Hanne. Maybe he thought they held him back as they came 17th, so in 2007 he tried again by himself. He maybe had the misfortune of being in the biggest ever presentation of songs, so it came as no surprise when he didn’t make the top 10 out of 28. Still, he came 13th, so this is his most successful three minutes on a Eurovision stage.

Eiríkur is 60 today.

Til hamingju með afmælið, Eiríkur