Delicious Icelandic darkness

Greta's arse

A big set-up for Greta and only two runs through. It’s not hugely changed from the Icelandic final: the start seems darker with a longer delay before the projection starts, and with an added overhead shot of a floor projection too. This seemed very much a technical run through for Greta, there’s a bit of camera tightening to happen but once it comes I think this could look stronger than it did in the Icelandic final.

Actually she’s got an extra go: the delay isn’t her fault. This go is much better, already looking good. There’ll be inevitable comparisons with Russia with a similar projection (and of course with Mans and Loreen in the presentation of this) but I think there’s enough to set them apart. This had slipped a bit for me since the national final but I think Greta’s back in the game with this. She’s certainly going to qualify on the back of it.

Edit: the officially released snaps of the rehearsals have caught Greta at an unfortunate angle… oops!

Monty x