Ice Lolly


Phil: The Icelandic entry totally passed me by – and I think it will do the same to you to be honest. Now, there is not a lot wrong with it – it’s just…. well…. “nice” – and as we have said for years in this thing – Nice never wins Eurovision… It is just a toilet break song and doesn’t really do that much for me. Considering at some point, it was going to be “the one” – it’s not really gone down well….

Franko: Well here we come to one that could go either way. It’s one of the more pleasant songs in this batch. Yohanna looks good and sings well and it builds well with good use of the backing singers to harmonise towards the end. The clouds backdrop is very effective and totally suits the song. I can quite see this qualifying and doing well in the final with a good draw much like Norway last year. It could just as easily get lost there with a bad draw though. I’m inclined towards the first. The end fizzles out somewhat though . Could do with a big finish.