Iceland – But is it art?


Anyone who knows anything about this little shindig I’m at will be aware that Hatari are all over Iceland like a rash. Even little kids are emulating their heroes.

Europe may well see pretty boys trying to rebel against the system. The older ones among us see the Rat from Joe90 in the background (some of the boys came out of it).

Hatari relied on red staging and strappy black latex, juxtaposed with dancers in white, cavorting like technogoths –  I understand that this is what the movement is officially called.

The performance as a whole delivered everything I expected really, allbeit with added pyro (a lot if added pyro).

The Icelanders will impact on the songs that come before and after, but not necessarily for the right reasons.

Young and old alike will hear a lot of shouty noise, and a decent proportion of the viewing public will surely say: “I’ll vote that through, it’ll be a laugh”. That alone should get them to the final.