If she hears the voices she can’t concentrate

This seems to have split opinion in the press centre. Russia have definitely stolen all of her power and thunder with the visual effects and the song itself seems to be lacking attack when she comes to sing it. It appears to have been choreographed to within an inch of it’s life and whilst Greta clearly knows how to perform this, how to emote in just the right ways and how to give the camera a killer look.

Since the National Final all of the power and visual impact has been blunted by Russia and the fact that there are massive pauses between some of the visual elements and where she needs to be. It is a very good job they are not back to back as they could be the same staging idea if not, thankfully, the same song.

Qualifying definitely but not winning.

The Press Centre stayed strangely quiet through out this with one or two bits of applause. Strange really considering it was a fan favorite.

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