11 January – Days are maybe bright or maybe grey

Some of you may only have ever seen contests in glorious colour. And the quality seems to get higher every year. A pity the songs don’t always follow suit.

Although we take colour for granted now, it wasn’t always the case. The first contest to be broadcast in colour at all was in 1968, but only then the day after the live contest. But by 1969 it was more expected, so we saw all manner of bright costumes. Today’s birthday girl Muriel Day wore bright green, in a nod to her home nation. She also looked more like Sandie Shaw than Sandie Shaw. We all know 1969 produced the chaos of four winner, but Muriel finished a modest seventh with her very very contemporary little song.

Muriel is 77 today.

Happy birthday/Lá breithe sásta, Muriel!