17 September – I’ve been searching all the wrong places

That class of 2020, eh? How unlucky were they? They get all dressed up and have nowhere in Rotterdam to go. That is, until 2021 when some of them get that second bite at the cherry.

One of that lucky bunch who didn’t have to fight for their 2021 place was today’s birthday girl Lesley Roy. She had had high hopes in 2020 with her and RTÉ’s slightly innovative approach to selection. There were lots of boxes being ticked. Fast forward to 2021 and we had a different outlook on things. Lesley took a fun stage show that appeared to tell the story of her life – but in map form. Can you see what they did there? Anyway, it was a high risk staging that didn’t quite hit the mark. Lesley had used special-yet-old-school effects to within of their life and only got a small number of points to show for it. Maybe the viewers were watching something different.

Lesley is 36 today.

Lá breithe shona duit/Happy birthday, Lesley!