22 July – To live like it’s the last night alive

Sometimes you want some countries to have success. Maybe it’s because you’d like to see how they host a contest. Or they did well in years gone by and have since lost their way.

Talking of countries that have lost their way, Ireland had the show sewn up in the 1990s. We won’t say where they finished in 2019, save to say that there has been some good stuff in the past. Today’s birthday boy Ryan Dolan made it to the Grand Final in 2013, and RTÉ has only achieved this once since. What are they doing wrong? I’m sure they can turn it around in 2020. In the meantime, here’s Ryan and his chums. They only picked up votes from three countries, but at least he got there.

Ryan is 34 today.

Breithlá shona/Happy birthday, Ryan!