23 February – Are we walking through the heather

Some countries in our favourite TV show have had a very illustrious history, even if these days it’s a little more patchy. It’s difficult to fathom out why. Or is it? So to remember those past good times, we’ve delved back to the 1970s.

Some of you might not even have been born in that decade, so this could be brand new to you. In 1973, the circus was in Luxembourg. A mythical city that used to love Eurovision. It hosted a fine contest won by, erm Luxembourg, who beat 16 other countries. Today’s birthday girl Maxi (née Irene McCoubrey) sang for Ireland, still relatively fresh from their first win. She managed a top 10 place – by finishing equal 10th. But the lesson is that only Dana can get away with being Irish and having a mononym.

Maxi is 70 today.

Happy birthday, Maxi!