27 March – Until a voice came through into my head

Eurovision is made up of characters of all types. Some are happy to live in the background. Some only appear during the January-May Eurovision season. Others, however, are always there, and have earned some renown.

Today’s birthday girl Linda Martin is one of those figures that has carved her own niche in Eurovision history. Arguably Ireland’s Ms Eurovision, she is in an exclusive club that has had two top two finishes in our favourite TV show. Her collaborations with Ireland’s Mr Eurovision himself are the stuff of legend. And even over thirty years after her win she can still draw a crowd. Of course, she’s know for her forthright and honest attitude too, which can only be commended. As you’ll know her winning song from 1992, we’ve gone for her other song, a dress rehearsal if you will for her eventual victory.

Linda is 71 today (but she doesn’t look it).

Happy birthday, Linda!