And on to Ireland and Cyprus

Ireland are sort of… he looks alright, actually. Seems very confident and comfortable, the mix of the song is a bit beefier and meatier that I was expecting (but then, I’d only heard it in the Irish final performance before now). I’m watching his press conference as we speak, and he sounds very happy with how it went, I think he’s feeling confident. Keith Mills has just in fact asked him about the mix, and it’s definitely a new hybrid. It’s got a more guitarry feel, and y’know, hey, I’m warming to the whole thing. It’s been that sort of day.

I have fled Cyprus, and frightened Phil by leaving his laptop in the company of Roy and Franko. Annet is a great performer of that song, I suspect, but all she’s doing for me is loosening my earwax. Loose earwax is not good. I’ll trust the other two to tell you more.