Are you an Irish star? … Or have they found another dud?

If you remember the aftermath of last year’s Irish entry, you will remember RTE’s head of delegation ranting that it was difficult to get decent placings in the Eurovision without money, and that fans know nothing about this contest. There is an argument that after this contest that money is the least of Ireland’s problems.

RTE decided to go back to the Late Late Show for their national final and, in the process, completely ignore anything that was said to them online, choosing instead to relive past glories at the beginning of the show, thereby literally saying: “We used to be good and now we aren’t”.

It’s the music that matters though, right, and I think it’s safe to say that when you get five average songs and one half decent one, the half decent one should win.

Sadly for me and for most of Twitter seemingly, it appears that the Irish public and the international jury (with the help of a certain website) were in unison as you can see below.

Song Performer(s) Prof. Int. Jury Televote Total Psn
One night, one kiss, one promise Patrick O’Sullivan 6 10 6 22 4
Ashes of yesterday Janet Grogan 12 8 4 24 =2
Real love Brendan Murray 8 2 2 12 6
Yeah we’re gonna get out of it Miles Graham 10 6 8 24 =2
I’m loving me Rachel Goode 2 4 10 16 5
That’s rich Brooke Scullion 4 12 12 26 1


For me, the song seems to be a very average “box ticking” exercise in what people *think* will do well. There are opinions that suggest that this is a certain qualifier. I think it’s going to have to have a massive overhaul to get anywhere near the Top 10 in their semi.  It can be done but I fear it’s going to be difficult.