Stand by for action!

We’re blogging this quickly because d’ Oirish fellah just finished his press conference and we don’t want to be here for the inevitable “We love your song” question in the next one.

Brian Kennedy was a smidge less fab than on Thursday. He’s alright, but it wasn’t magnificent this time round for me. Probably still to the qualifying, just dropped down a level in my reckoning, but it’s probably a hold-back kind of performance.


I wish Annet Artani would hold back. Sorry, I’m trying to be fair and unbiased in the manner you’ve come to expect, but I hate shrieky women generally, it’s a type of song that I just don’t get, and as far as I’m concerned the angels are probably crying because their ears hurt. It went down very well with 14 Cypriots in the arena, however.

Severine Ferrer, as far as we could see (cause we’ve abandoned her) has raised her performance level to “so bad it’s bad”. They looked like they were panicking and trying to fix up performance flaws in a hell of a rush, and hadn’t made it through a complete run-through when we left it. We’ve also seen some soundless pictures on the screens in here of the performance, and it’s not going to be the camera crew’s fault if it all goes the shape of the pear. Might be one to watch with the sound down – we’ll keep you posted, of course!

We’re abandoning ship now, as we want to enjoy the OnEurope luxury apartment cooking facilities while we’re in Athens (a two ring hob which may or may not work, and a microwave). We ARE OnEurope, hear us luxuriate!

Tomorrow should be a fuller day for us, as we’ll hopefully have recovered our wits sufficiently to make it through a full day from start to finish again. Apologies for those we’ve missed today – it’s not personal!