The morning’s deliberations

Daniel Aragay from Vacarisses, Catalunya • CC BY 2.0

After passing on the delights from the hotel menu of “boiled kneepad” and “strip of meat” I’m back and not going to be put off by whinging Slovenes just because they have a crap song.

Mr Hacksaw and myself took a trip to the arena to see some live action and boy did we….


At last we have the first really class performer of the event. This girl has performed everyone else under the table and is the first real contender to carry off the trophy. She’s certainly through to the final. Her vocals are beyond good and comes on happy and smiley and will win over many people with that alone. Backed by a string quartet and a pianist this is stylish and I can’t praise it enough. Worth the air fare alone.


The one everyone has heard of. Dustin come on draped in a black cloak with a funeral possession of similarly clad backers begging forgiveness for Ireland’s past entries. Then the disco beat starts up and we have Roland Rat’s rat rap all over again. It’s an acquired taste and is amusing but I’d say only borderline qualification. If you like that kind of thing…


Popular amongst the 90% who shall remain nameless as you’d expect. It’s simple enough and even mildly pleasant but has a terrible draw and doesn’t really do anything exciting. I feel sorry for Andorra. I’d really like them to do well but this one isn’t going to do it for them. The singer is another young innocent looking beautiful girl not unlike their 2004 entrant who I allegedly snogged at the after party when drunk… allegedly….


This does everything it says on the tin and repeats the formula of it’s national final success. I’m strangely warming to the song. Lots of props and weirdness which always go down well with me. I’m quite sure it will qualify but not do terribly well in the final as most of Europe won’t get it, but it would be nice if something avant garde did well. Go Bosnians.

More later folks..