12 September – You’re like trouble

You want bang up to date? Well, something from the heady decade that was the 2010s? When the fun and games were in beautiful Kyiv to be exact. And we have plenty of choice.

It sometimes happens that a song is put at one end of a semi-final, and also gets drawn at an end of the Grand Final too. In these days of the producers deciding the draw, they obviously know what’s a good opener and closer for our favourite TV show. Today’s birthday boy אימרי זיו/Imri Ziv, who prefers to be known as IMRI, perhaps he just likes SHOUTING. His performances were interesting in that he came third in his semi-final and 23rd in the Grand Final. Maybe he was better at closing things than opening them.

Imri is 32 today.

!יום הולדת שמח, עמרי