13 March – Like a rainbow

Everyone loves a winner. In fact, if you leave it at one appearance and one win, you’ll always be a winner. But why stop at one win? You could win twice. It’s been done. But it’s also very high-risk.

Many have tried, and today’s birthday boy is indeed one of them. יזהר כהן/Izhar Cohen achieved his country’s first win in 1978. Thinking he could do it again, we saw him at the scientifically-proven best contest of them all in Göteborg in 1985. He brought five brightly-dressed pals with him. One pal, Tali Sinai, may have upstaged Mr C with her wardrobe malfunction. No, not that sort of malfunction, but fun and games with her electronics. Nevertheless, his fifth place was very well-deserved. Is it a better song than A-ba-ni-ni? Maybe.

Yizhar is 71 today.

!יום הולדת שמח, יזהר