16 December – It’s time for me to clean up your mess

You want a lyric to furrow the brow and encourage a shrug? Then today’s song has a prime candidate. Us European types often use a lot of artistic licence when it comes to rhyming couplets. Just ask Natasja Crone Back and Søren Pilmark.

But more to the point, you want a birthday. Well, from time to time the fans get there knickers in a knot over a certain song. “It’s bound to win”, they cry. “What could possibly beat it?”, they utter, having already booked hotels in [insert country here]. Well, in the case of today’s birthday girl מיי פיינגולד/Mei Finegold (née מיטל סלונימסקי/Meital Slominsky), 13 countries beat her, including Switzerland, Ireland and Slovenia. Oh, the shame (I jest – Switzerland had a great song).

Mei is 39 today.

!יום הולדת שמח, מיי