17 September – Even I am like a string that was meant for one tune

Our favourite TV show broadcasts far and wide, and even hosts places from all corners in Europe, and a little bit beyond too. After all, the European Broadcasting Area includes more countries than you think.

Our friends in Israel have been active participants in the contest since 1973, so are obviously part of Europe, even though some think otherwise. Today’s birthday girl אילנית/Ilanit (née חנה דרזנר/Hanna Dresner-Tzakh) sang that very first song, and liked things so much she tried again. In 1977 she laid the groundwork for what was to happen in the next two contests. So a trailblazer in every respect. And if you were there watching the marathon contest in Tel Aviv in 2019, you may have seen her.

Ilanit is 74 today.

!יום הולדת שמח, אילנית