2 November – Oh yeah, do you like my dancing?

As we know, some people are born in a different country to the one (or ones) they eventually sing for in our favourite TV show. For some, it’s obvious they’re a false flagger, but for others less so.

Today’s birthday boy נדב גדג’/Nadav Guedj was actually for in Paris, but we know him as a proper Israeli. He went to Vienna in 2015 and performed the first Israeli song sung entirely in English. It’s become a more common occurrence since then, but Nadav will always be the first. Nadav’s ninth place signalled the start of a good patch for Israel. He finished third in his semi-final and ninth in the Grand Final. His country hadn’t made the Grand Final since 2010, and we all know what happened three years later. The question is, has Nadav been fibbing about his age?

Nadav is 23 today.

!יום הולדת שמח, נדב