24 March – Look at me – singing on the streets

Unless you’ve been on Saturn’s biggest moon, or some parts of the USA, you’ll know that the Eurovision circus doesn’t always stay in what you could call Europe proper. It has occasionally ventured to a place called Israel.

Some will associate Israeli songs with an upbeat stylee, with very mobile backing singers who always get in on the act. Or there have been some very able ballads. And then there was Netta. But today’s birthday girl ריטה יהאן-פרוז/ریتا جهان‌فروز/Rita Yahan-Farouz had a different approach. Her song was no ballad, but just a cracker of a song that has no equal. And not a backing singer in sight. She didn’t do that well, but that was 1990. I’m sure that over 30 years later, she would have done a lot, lot better.

Rita is 61 today.

!יום הולדת שמח, ריטה