25 September – For a man is a man, is a man, is just a man

It’s time for another contender for Mr/Mrs/Ms/Mx Eurovision. Each country will have them, and when you’ve got someone who’s hosted a contest, and performed in a contest, they must be in with a chance of their national title.

In 1976, we first saw today’s birthday girl Yardena Shulamit Arazi/ירדנה ארזי (née Yardena Finebaum) as part of a happy trio. They came sixth. In 1979, we saw ourselves as far south-east as the contest has ever been, and Yardena co-hosted. She did that good a job the home country won. Not content with that, she came back in 1988 as her own girl, with several members of Milk & Honey, which she fraternised with in 1979. Between 1976 and 1988, she’d been that bitten by the Eurovision bug that she’d competed in several Kdams. I therefore give you Israel’s contender for Ms Eurovision.

Yardena is 72 today.

!יום הולדת שמח, ירדנה