8 November – I will study languages

Have you always been able to spot where an act’s from, without hearing them sing, but just by looking at their stage act? It is said that every nation has a certain ‘tell’, and they could be right.

Our friends in Israel always send very vivacious entries. There’s usually lots going on, and they make the most of the three minutes in stage. After all, just look at 2018. Anyway, in 2003 the IBA sent today’s birthday boy ליאור נרקיס/Lior Narkis. His song title was reflected by what you saw. His lady pals on stage had lots of words on them. Words for love, if you please. Did you see what they did there? Anyway, he might have used the wrong words, as only four countries voted for him. Still, it was a close run thing at his end of the scoreboard. Watch the contest and the voting, and you’ll find out why.

Lior is 46 today.

!יום הולדת שמח, ליאור