Israel – Well now then…


….If Switzerland was particularly poor (and believe me it was poorer than Poor P McPoor) then Hovi has just come on stage and completely squished any chance Rykka had of doing anything.

The contrast can not be overstated. Hovi literally just came on stage, sung the song straight at the camera with hardly any effects I mean properly nailed it. If he was holding back, you couldn’t tell, He hit all of his marks and his back-up act ( a woman in a hoop doing some gymnastics) wasn’t overly stupid and wasn’t the main focus of that rehearsal.

That, thankfully, was Hovi. I had a fear that it would be all about him on stage and totally overblown but it wasn’t…. it connected with the camera and, by extension, Hovi will connect with the Viewer. This will easily walk out of this Semi Final and, based on this performance, could well be top 10-ing in the final.

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