Israel’s sparkling star

Hovi Star at a Meet & Greet during the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.

Israel is up now. I have to say that along with Bulgaria this is my favourite entry this year. What are they going to do with it I wonder? Hovi has revealed backstage that his costume will be accessorised with €20,000 of sparkles. I’m worried about those dancers though…

Oh – I needn’t have been. This is LOVELY! There was never a doubt about Hovi’s vocal, though I did worry he might look a little OTT on stage. He doesn’t. This is shot beautifully, with Hovi in a dark jacket. The tiny gemstones glitter in his gloves and short underneath, and down his microphone stand. The stage is dark with star motifs picked out in the very stylish backdrops. There are dancers, but not dancing: they’re spinning in a giant hoop and it’s completely in fitting, not a needless distraction at all. There’s a lovely camera shot with the cameraman passing through Hovi’s hoop at one point, and in the final run through we’ve got a golden shower of pyrotechnics raining down on to the stage. OK, there’s a touch of a dodgy vocal in this last go but he can sort that out.

The song builds beautifully. This is my first goose bumps moment of the year. It reaches a wonderful peak. No, I don’t think it’s likely to happen, I’m aware this is a bit of being in the bubble, but I really could see credits over this, there’s a touch of the Conchita moment about it for me. I’m happy though: however well or poorly this fares Hovi gives a good performance and for the sake of future viewings that’s really what I want from my favourite Eurovision songs. After all, 41 of these aren’t going to be winners but those we love will be with us for a long time to come.

Monty x