My Work Is Refusing Me…

I love my job, but I love being on holiday even more, and I fancy I’m not long for the office today. Don’t you know there’s a Eurovision on? Before I do pack up my desk I’ll just get up to date on what we’ve seen this afternoon so far.

Romania – Oh this is all kinds of fun. The backdrop looks amazing and picks out the stage costumes perfectly. This is really lively and I can see it doing very big things in the final, to which it is inevitably going.

ER_2302Switzerland – The boys seem to be just enjoying the whole being on stage business and this is sounding very strong and very likeable. I’m still not sure of qualification, just because of the strength of some of the competition and other advantages, but this is certainly in with a decent shout.

Belgium – Iris looks much better and more relaxed on stage, and sings this adequately. It’s got a slim chance but not a likely one, and I would have it as a no.

Finland – I haven’t seen a full video of this but the official site’s brief clip indicates Pernilla is doing Ok vocally. I think that she looks better than in the national final in some ways, and I’m actually quite liking the red glow around her hair, but the frock is just odd. It still looks like she has her jumper on over the top of it – will this come off? The colour is terribly unflattering. I don’t think it’s going through, but it’s still one of my favourites this year.

Israel – This just seems to be trying to be deliberately quirky for me, and quirkiness is an attribute most effective when it’s natural rather than forced. I love the back drop and can see the qualities of the song but it’s still not working for me at all. I’d call this as borderline too, there’s plenty who will back it, but it’s not really got any wow.

Right, I’m very close to being out of here! Baku beckons. I’ll update later but I’m off to end the working day…

Monty x